The honest story about skin care

Webecos. Honest about cosmetics

Unfortunately, many fairy tales are still told about cosmetics. Fairy tales that respond with great certainty to the desire to stay looking young. At Webecos we also know those wishes. But we remain realistic. Younger skin cannot come from a jar. 

At Webecos we believe that you should always tell the honest story about skincare and beauty. The nuanced story about cosmetics. With promises that can be kept and on which you can rely.

Honest about efficacy

In everything we do, we strive to stimulate the restorative capacity of your skin. We only choose those ingredients that have been shown to bring your skin into better condition. In practice, we therefore mainly use active ingredients from natural sources. That does not mean that 100% is always the best solution for you. In some cases, a synthetic ingredient can do a better job for your skin. If so, we won't hide it.

Honest about sustainability

When developing all our products, we have one rule: respect for nature. That does not alter the fact that we sometimes have to make difficult choices. 

For example, you can opt for a natural sun filter that protects the coral reef. While the same filter is bad for water quality in the Netherlands. This example shows that sustainability is a process that you have to work on continuously.

With new knowledge and improved insights, we are therefore continuously working to further make Webecos Elementary Skincare more sustainable. Here too, the principle is always the same: We do not use anything that is unnecessary or harmful to your skin.

Honest about safety

Let's dispel a myth: The fact that a substance is natural says nothing about its safety. Take natural oils for example. These may contain allergens that cause severe allergic reactions in some people. 

There are more natural ingredients that may have certain risks. Much depends on the regularity and quantity in which they are used. At Webecos we therefore test extensively. We commit ourselves to the strictest standards available and carefully weigh the risks with the benefits.

That is why we can say with confidence: We only use ingredients that have been shown to improve your skin's condition.

Honest about origins

Webecos is quintessentially Dutch and has been around for 60 years. The founder, beautician Len Klaphaak, did not believe in fairy tales about cosmetics at that time and wanted to focus exclusively on facts.  

That is why she developed her own recipes based on natural ingredients and then had them prepared by pharmacists. It is not without reason that Webecos stands for 'Scientifically prepared cosmetics'.

Every day we are still indebted to the adage of our founder: Why would you add substances to cosmetics that add nothing? Exactly, let's be honest!

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