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Frequently asked Questions

Webecos is an abbreviation for Scientifically Prepared Cosmetics. The founder of Webecos saw that medicines were produced in a much more professional manner than the cosmetics of that time. She therefore also had her products produced in a pharmacy and that is how the name Webecos came into being.

We are proud to be a purely Dutch company. Everything we develop and make comes from our own making. Our products are produced in our own laboratories in Alkmaar and Amstelveen.

Animal testing for the development and testing of cosmetics has been prohibited by law since 2004. The claim 'not tested on animals' or 'not tested on animals' therefore does not mean much. Of course we adhere to that legislation. In any case, since its founding in 1962, Webecos has never done or had done animal testing on its end products. However, according to legislation, all ingredients must have been tested for safety. It is therefore a fact that most ingredients in cosmetics have been tested for safety using animal testing at some point in the past. In that respect, no cosmetic product can be called completely 'free from animal testing'.

When choosing a product, it is more important that a product contains active and safe ingredients than that it is 100% natural. Contrary to popular belief, not all natural ingredients are safe, as you will immediately notice when you stand in the nettles with your bare legs. When developing and producing our products, we almost exclusively use active ingredients from natural sources. This includes plant substances, herbal extracts, essential fatty acids, botanical oils, vitamins, minerals, pure essential oils and antioxidants. However, sometimes natural ingredients are not stable, meaning they lose their effectiveness or can even be harmful under the influence of light and/or air. In such cases, a synthetic form of a raw material can sometimes be a better alternative.
Approximately 75% of the Webecos range is vegan. In the remainder, ingredients of animal origin are sometimes used, such as collagen from fish, royal jelly from the honey bee or caviar from sturgeon.

The result that a treatment or product can provide depends on various factors. A healthy basis is important: drink enough water, eat healthy and varied and ensure a good night's sleep. A healthy lifestyle in combination with good skin care ensures hydrated and well-circulated skin in the short term. Our top layer of skin renews on average once every 28 days. This process slows down as we get older. The long-term effect of a product therefore becomes more visible when the top layer of the skin has been renewed.

You can easily find it via the 'Find a salon' page a Webecos salon close to you.

Cosmetic products from Webecos have a long, but not unlimited, shelf life. Every Webecos product has a symbol that represents an opened jar. This symbol indicates the period after opening during which the product can be used in optimal quality. This period is indicated in months (M). 12M therefore means that the product can still be used for 12 months after opening. The use of this symbol is only permitted if it has been demonstrated that the product can be kept unopened for longer than 30 months. At Webecos we strive to produce each product at least four times a year, so that you always buy a product that has a shelf life of at least two years unopened. The actual shelf life also depends on the way you handle the product after purchase. Some tips: + Close the product carefully after each use. + Do not store the product in the sun. + Never take cream from a jar with unwashed hands, but use the supplied spatula.
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