Our history


In 1961, the concept of “cosmeceutical” was first introduced by the American Raymond Reed, one of the founders of the American Association of Cosmetic Chemists. He used the term for cosmetics that contain biologically active ingredients. Shortly afterwards, Len Klaphaak introduced Webecos in 1962 as the first real Dutch brand with products that contain high concentrations of seriously clinically tested ingredients and that could therefore provide something more than just a 'pampering' effect.

Webecos, the first cosmeceutical brand in the Netherlands

Len Klaphaak was a leader in the beauty industry in the Netherlands at the time. In addition to being a beautician, she was also a cosmetologist and author of the well-known “green book” entitled “Cosmetology and related products”, which for many years was considered the ultimate reference work for the professional beautician. As a teacher at the Stivas vocational training course for beauticians, she was also very driven to further develop the level of quality within the beauty industry. She saw that pharmaceutical products were substantiated and produced in a much more professional manner than the cosmetics of that time. She therefore also had her products produced in a pharmacy. This also explains the name of the company she founded: Webecos is an abbreviation for Scientifically Prepared Cosmetics. This actually made Webecos the first 'cosmeceutical' brand in the Netherlands.

Continuous development

Webecos still uses the principle of developing and producing in-house based on its own recipes in a pharmaceutical environment to this day. Nearly 60 years of experience and continuous research & development of new active substances and methods ensure optimal satisfaction with the treatments and products. Most of the active ingredients used are of purely natural origin. Of course, all products are not tested on animals.

Purely from the house

Webecos uses ingredients that come almost exclusively from natural sources. We don't use anything that is unnecessary, because why would you add ingredients to cosmetics that add nothing?
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