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Dutch Cosmetics Association

Webecos is a member of the Dutch Cosmetics Association (NCV). The NCV is the trade organization of manufacturers, importers and brand owners of cosmetics. The NCV and its members strive to create a positive environment for sustainable growth of the Dutch cosmetics industry. The NCV wants to contribute to a successful cosmetics industry with safe and sustainable cosmetic products that permanently increase our well-being through personal care, beauty and hygiene. For example, the NCV offers an online allergy helper that allows you to check whether the name of an ingredient you are allergic to is correct or not.

Beauty Trade Professionals

Since the inception of the Beauty Trade Professionals (BTP), Webecos has been an active member of this supplier association for the professional beauty industry. As a supplier organization, the BTP is committed to professionalizing the industry on many fronts. For example, the successful Beauty Trade Special fair in the spring is an initiative of the BTP and since 2017 they have also been in charge of the autumn Beauty Trade Festival fair. The Beautyspot.nl platform also falls under BTP. In addition, the BTP gives beauty a face by organizing the now prestigious Beauty Award. This event puts top beauticians and top salons in the spotlight and is a marketing instrument to bring the industry to the attention of consumers, among other things.

Look Good Feel Better

Webecos believes it is important that people with cancer are supported in their journey through treatment and recovery. That is why we are a partner of the Look Good Feel Better foundation. This foundation is committed to being a positive link in the disease process for all people with cancer. Don't worry about being sick for a while, but about feeling better. Every year in February, the Look Good Feel Better Foundation organizes the Give a Smile Promotion with its partners and beauticians. For a month, participating beauticians provide free relaxation moments to people with cancer.


When retinol is applied to the skin, it reacts with enzymes in the skin to form retinoic acid, or vitamin A acid. This has been scientifically shown to work against signs of skin aging and can reduce existing wrinkles. It stimulates collagen production and cell division of skin cells from within. It improves the skin structure and the skin becomes firmer and wrinkles become less visible. Retinol also ensures that excessive keratinization is prevented.

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